World’s First Female-Only Travel Network is Here

For many women, the idea of travelling solo can be both exciting and a bit scary. However, there’s a new solution for this: a ladies-only home-sharing network.

Travel booking app Overnight has introduced the Girls LOVE Travel group, a community where over 350,000 women can find accommodation with trusted networks of international friends. This community was launched in conjunction with the app’s Groups feature.

“Our goal is to ultimately de-stigmatize home-sharing, especially between friends,” said Asher Hunt, CEO and co-founder at Overnight.

“Hosts can find comfort in the fact that they’re opening their home to someone they’re already connected with through a private network, and travellers can save a little money because it’s much more cost-effective to stay with people you know while traveling.”

Haley Woods, founder of the female-only group said the feature helped provide “a safer, more cost-effective way to travel” for women.

“Overnight provides our members the added benefit of moving beyond the computer with other female travelers, and creating lasting relationships,” said Woods.

To find out more about the group, visit the website here.