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World’s Fastest Growing Tourism Cities Revealed

Cairo has emerged as the world’s fastest growing city for tourism, a new report has revealed.

According to a new report by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Cairo had the most significant comeback in tourism in 2017 with 34.4 percent growth in travel and tourism GDP. Following in the second place with a big gap in-between was Macau with 14.2 percent.

The report attributed the growth of Middle Eastern cities such as Cairo, Istanbul, Antalya and Tehran to improved political stability, increased security and removal of sanctions. However, the report predicted that Asia-Pacific cities, “with the exception of Marrakech”, will take over as the fastest growing markets in the coming decade.

Shanghai came out as the world’s best performing tourism city with a market size of US$35 billion, followed by Beijing, Paris, New York and Orlando.

“The Chinese domestic and outbound markets will drive growth in the coming decade, with the majority of top performers maintaining their positions,” said the report. “Chinese cities will continue to lead, although a slowdown in growth is expected.”

Mexico’s Cancún topped the list of cities most reliant on tourism, with 49.6 percent of its GDP coming from the travel industry. It was followed by Marrakesh, Macau, Orlando and Las Vegas.

“Although [Cancún] also has a significant amount of activity in business services, the bulk of it is directly supporting Travel & Tourism,” the report said. “The city’s high reliance on the sector exposes it to shifts in demand from its main source markets, the USA and Canada.”

The annual WTTC Cities Report covers 72 tourism cities across the world.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities (2016-2017 % Growth in Direct Travel GDP)

  1. Cairo 34.4%
  2. Macau SAR 14.2%
  3. Istanbul 13.1%
  4. Dublin 11.5%
  5. Chongqing 11.3%
  6. Manila 11.0%
  7. Beijing 10.7%
  8. Shanghai 10.5%
  9. Guangzhou 10.3%
  10. Antalya 9.2%


Top 10 Cities (Direct Tourism’s Contribution to GDP in $US Billion)

  1. Shanghai 35.0
  2. Beijing 32.5
  3. Paris 28.0
  4. New York 24.8
  5. Orlando 24.8
  6. Tokyo 21.7
  7. Bangkok 21.3
  8. Mexico City 19.7
  9. Las Vegas 19.5
  10. Shenzhen 19.0


Top 15 Cities with Highest Percentage of GDP from Tourism

  1. Cancún 49.6%
  2. Marrakesh 30.2%
  3. Macau 29.3%
  4. Orlando 18.7%
  5. Antalya 17.6%
  6. Dubrovnik 17.4%
  7. Las Vegas 16.7%
  8. Venice 11.4%
  9. Dubai 10.1%
  10. Bangkok 10%
  11. Miami 8.8%
  12. Cape Town 7.9%
  13. Beijing 7.8%
  14. Ho Chi Minh City 7.6%
  15. Mexico City 7.5%