Why You Should Travel Solo

There’s a social stigma for people who do things alone – be it watching a movie, dining, or going on trips. However, travelling solo can be a wonderful, eye-opening experience. Here are a few reasons to ignore what people say, and book that ticket for one…

Have It Your Way

No compromise needed – you don’t have to cater to other people’s whims and wants, or wait for everyone’s schedule to align. Looking to try that hole-in-the-wall restaurant, take the train or go to bed past midnight? It’s all up to you.

More Engagement

When you’re travelling with a spouse, family members or friends, you’re more likely to be drawn into each other instead of your surroundings. When you’re without any companion, you are more likely to pay attention to the view, talk with locals and strangers, and become more open and approachable to new encounters and experiences.

Opportunity for Self-Reflection

Solo travelling can be quite a challenge that puts you out of your comfort zone. It’s a great time to isolate your mind from the familiar daily routine and hustle and bustle – to ponder, reflect and recharge. You will come back from the trip with a better understanding of yourself.


Will you go travelling by yourself?