Why Traveling is Good for You

Feeling guilty about spending money on traveling? Don’t worry – a travel trip is an investment in your health, according to science. Here are three reasons why traveling makes you healthier:

Traveling Boosts Your Physical Health

A trip or two keeps the doctor away – and that’s not just a saying. A study in Austria found that people have better sleep and less physical complaints after traveling. Moreover, traveling is also associated with longer lives and lower risk of heart attack. Who says that traveling is not an investment?

Traveling Improves Your Happiness and Mental Health

If you feel stressed or stuck in a rut, traveling could help ‘reset’ your negative emotions and increase your happiness. Even planning the holiday itself can give you happiness – researchers at the University of Surrey found that people who are anticipating upcoming trips tend to experience less unhappiness and more pleasant feelings. Researchers from the Arizona Department of Health Services and the the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation found that women who go on trips are less likely to become depressed, stressed or tired. Another study in 2000 also associated vacation with improved mood.

Traveling Makes You More Productive (and Creative)

Because traveling increases your happiness and relieves stress, it also improves your work performance. Traveling has been associated with increased work efficiency, better job performance, renewed energy, as well as less burnout. Furthermore, a 2010 study found that traveling to foreign places can boost your creativity, especially if you immerse in the native living experience.

These are three ways traveling makes you healthier. So don’t feel bad for booking that flight! Where are you heading to for your next trip?