US Crowned as Best Wildlife Travel Destination

If you love hiking in the nature, observing native animals or exploring rainforests and national parks, start planning for your next trip – the world’s best destinations for wildlife travel have been revealed.

Newly launched by True Luxury, the Global Wildlife Travel Index ranked 142 countries based on their wildlife travel offerings, taking into account factors such as wildlife biodiversity, megafauna conservation and the presence of protected natural areas and natural history museums.

The US took the top spot as the best destination for its impressive number of national parks and natural history museums as well as its diverse wildlife and commendable megafauna conservation efforts.

Venezuela took the second position, thanks to its protected natural areas, which make up 54.14 per cent of the total land. Australia also managed to get the ninth spot, as it holds the highest number of national parks in the world at 685 parks. The top 10 countries for wildlife travel are as follows:

  1. The USA
  1. Venezuela
  2. Brazil
  3. Thailand
  4. Tanzania
  5. Colombia
  6. Croatia
  7. Mexico
  8. Australia
  9. Canada

The results per continent are as follows:

Best Country for Wildlife in Africa: Tanzania

Best Country for Wildlife in Asia: Thailand

Best Country for Wildlife in Europe: Croatia

Best Country for Wildlife in North America: USA

Best Country for Wildlife in South America: Venezuela

Best Country for Wildlife in Oceania: Australia


For the full list, visit the website.