This Pop-Up Hotel is Made Out of Shipping Containers

You’ve heard of pop-up markets and restaurants, but what about pop-up hotels?

Yes, that’s right – this hotel can appear just about anywhere, in the form of three demountable and movable shipping containers.

Designed by Prague firm Artikul Architects, ContainHotel is a small mobile hotel with a total of five rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 13 guests at a time. At the horizontal level are four rooms with shared balcony and large windows, while the ground level containers harbor a four-bed room, sanitary facilities, a storeroom and a technical room. The interior is created with birch plywood.

The hotel is currently at Třeboutice, 412 01 Křešice, Czech Republic – so those in Europe have a chance of checking it out soon. However, the hotel might just pop up anywhere else – so keep an eye on it!


Photos: Michal Hurych / Artikul