Places You Must Visit in Bali

This Indonesian destination is especially popular, and for a good reason, too – the beautiful beaches are complemented with memorable historical sites and cultural experiences. But which places are the best to visit? We have compiled a list for you to consider:

Pura Luhur Ulu Watu

Learn more about Hinduism at Ulu Watu, one of the most famous temples in the island. The site features various artefacts, from Ganesha statues to intricate carvings of Hindu mythologies. Don’t forget to witness the Kecak dance performed at sunset.


Balangan Beach

This Kuta beach features white sands and a number of cliffs that you can climb on to get a better look of the landscape. Chill on the beach, eat a restaurant nearby or take a surfing lesson – everything is possible.


Mount Batur Volcano

Mount Batur is an active volcano 1,700 metres above sea level. There are a lot of guided hikes to enjoy sunrise on the summit – it’s an experience to remember.


Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Located in Ubud, the sanctuary is a mix of nature reserve and Hindu temple complex where a large number of monkeys reside. You can feast your eyes on a landscape unlike any other – just make sure to keep your belongings close, as the monkeys can be quite inquisitive!