Packing 101: Tips and Tricks

Packing (and unpacking) is the bane of our holiday trips. However, it is also the necessary evil that keeps us safe and prepared for anything during the vacation. Here are a few tips you can follow to make packing less annoying and more effective:

Go for Versatile Clothes

When picking out clothes for travelling, start with the ones that can be dressed up and down. These include button-down shirts, t-shirts, sarong, midi-to-long dresses, and closed-toe shoes. This one might be a bit more subjective, but neutral colour palettes also help make it easier to mix and match your clothes.


Roll, or Fold Vertically

When you’re done with choosing the clothes, the next step is putting them in your suitcase. Instead of folding them, try rolling them to save space and minimise wrinkles. Not into rolling? An even more space-saving strategy is to fold the clothes and place them vertically, which makes it easier to look through all the clothes you have in the suitcase.


Ziplock All Liquids and Valuables

Anticipate and prevent unwanted accidents, such as leaking shampoo bottle or electronics getting wet, with sealable ziplock bags. These bags can also be used to store dirty clothes.


Carry All Valuables

Putting all valuables in your carry-on bag might be quite uncomfortable, but it’s safer than storing them in the luggage. Make sure to have your passport, mobile phone, money, credit cards, jewellery, electronics and paperworks with you on the plane.


Write a Checklist

And not for the reasons you thought. Write a checklist of all the things you packed, and check the things you used throughout the trip. This will make it easier to see what you actually used when traveling and what you should ditch (or bring) next time.