New ‘eBay for Holidays’ Lets You Buy Unwanted Trips

Good news for travel deal hunters – now there’s a new avenue that allows you to find a bargain and buy a trip from someone who doesn’t want it.

Billed as ‘eBay for holidays’, Transfer Travel is a new platform where travellers can sell their unwanted flights, hotel rooms and other holiday bookings that couldn’t be cancelled. Sellers are to fill out profiles with pictures and reason as to why they’re selling the bookings. Sellers also bear the costs for name changes, and no money will be taken until Transfer Travel has verified the bookings and the travel provider has confirmed the transfer.

The idea came when founder Simon Powell found himself stuck with an unwanted luxury holiday in Dubai following a break-up. He received some refund for his flights, but lost £3,000 from the hotel rooms. The advice from the hotel receptionist gave him the inspiration for the platform.

“She said ‘can you bring someone else or can you find someone else to take the booking off you and we can change the name of the booking?’ and I could charge them what I paid for the room and make some money back,” said Powell.

The site’s research found that Powell isn’t alone – in just one day, some 220,000 hotel rooms are wasted in the US. Furthermore, 37 percent of travellers have had to cancel their trip for reasons such as illness, family emergency, work commitments and more.

“We know that 70 per cent of travellers are paying for the cheapest hotel or flight option, which is non-refundable because you don’t have to expect to have to change the booking,” Powell told the Telegraph. “80 per cent of travel is transferable, but there is a lack of awareness.”

As of recently, Transfer Travel has 50,000 monthly visits and around 1,000 listings, most of which are for flights.

Would you try selling or buying at this site?