More Union Strikes Hit Ryanair

If you’re flying Ryanair, you might need to change your plans – more strikes are about to disrupt the flight schedules.

After yesterday’s strike, which saw 30 flights between Ireland and the UK cancelled, an Ireland-based Ryanair pilots’ union announced two upcoming 24-hour strikes taking place on July 20 and 24. Their concerns include pay, seniority benefits and conditions surrounding promotions and annual leave.

Earlier this month, the airline’s cabin crew and ground staff also released a list of 34 demands, including “predictable working hours” and “fair living wage”.

Other strikes by cabin crew are also set for this month in Italy (July 25 for 24 hours), Belgium, Spain and Portugal (July 25-26 for 48 hours). Unions said these strikes may continue if the airline fails to make concessions for the employment term.