How to Get the Cheapest Airfares

One of the woes of air travelling is the massive expenses – especially during peak seasons, where even budget airlines can take a chunk out of your bank account. Scoring affordable flights is not impossible, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to learn the tricks and master the ways of cutting costs, especially with the holiday season approaching. Here are some of our best tips…


Compare the Deals

Try flight search engines such as Skyscanner, Momondo, Kiwi or Google Flights. This will allow you to compare the schedules and prices of different airlines. If you’re opting for connecting flights, also check if it would be cheaper for you to go for end-to-end ticketing, where you arrange connecting flights by yourself. For example, rather than booking a direct flight from Sydney to Tokyo, it might be cheaper to book your own flights from Sydney to Hong Kong and then from Hong Kong to Tokyo.


Examine All Avenues

Done with the flight aggregators? Search up deals on social media and airline’s websites – you never know when flash sales might appear and expire. However, hitting up every site blindly is not recommended – do your research as mentioned in the previous step.


Go Against the Season

Flying in December? It might be a good idea to opt for Asian airlines, where demand is generally lower than their Western counterparts over Christmas. Similarly, travelling with Western airlines during the Chinese New Year season tends to be cheaper.


Get with Budget Airlines

It might be common sense, but it’s one worth emphasising – opting for budget airlines can truly save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. But before booking, read the fine print, adjust your expectations and understand what you’re willing to compromise on – would you still have a pleasant experience without complimentary food, limited luggage allowance or little legroom? Check out SeatGuru to get an idea what the seating area might look like.