Foods You Should Try in Hong Kong

As one of Asia’s best foodie heaven, Hong Kong can always surprise you with diverse cuisines and innovative bites. Here are some of the things you should taste test while in Hong Kong, complete with the recommended restaurants to try them at.

Dim Sum

Source: Gurmit Singh

A staple for yum cha, dim sum is usually enjoyed with hot tea on the side. Siu mai, xiao long bao, har kau – don’t miss them out!

Try it at: Seventh Son, Tim Ho Wan, Sam Hui Yat



Source: InterContinental Hong Kong

From wonton to brisket style, handmade noodles are one of the national prides of Hong Kong. The premium taste and texture will keep you coming back for more.

Try it at: Mak’s Noodles, Kau Kee Restaurant, On Lee Noodle


Cha Chaan Teng

Source: Blubalu

Technically, it’s not food – rather, it’s an all-encompassing food “genre”. Cha chaan teng is the most authentic Hong Kong experience you can have. With instant noodles, toasts and various rice dishes on the menu, it’s definitely not a high-class dining option, but it’s certainly a meal to remember.

Try it at: Honolulu Café, Kam Wah Café, Lan Fong Yuen


Milk Tea

Source: Cyaloamin (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Hong Kong-style milk tea is a must-try. A mix of black tea and evaporated or condensed milk, it can be served hot or cold.

Try it at: Tai Fat, Bing Kee, Shek O


Egg Waffle

Source: Robyn Lee / SeriousEats

Also known as egglet or ji dan zai, egg waffle is sweet, fluffy and perfect to share (or eat by yourself!). You can also order them to be filled with chocolate, matcha, condensed milk and many more.

Try it at: Tai O, North Point Egglet, Mammy Pancake