Emirates Launches “Home Check-In” Service, Complete with Luggage Pick-Up

Love travelling, but hate all the airport hassle? A service by Emirates is going to make it easier.

On Wednesday, the airline launched “Home Check-In” service, where it sends its staff to check you in and pick up your bags. The process goes like this: request the service at least 12 hours before the flight, and an Emirates employee will meet you at your preferred location to check you in, weigh and tag your bags, and give you your boarding pass. Your luggage will then be transported to the airport through secure vans. Then you can just rock up to the airport with your passport and bypass the check-in counters!

The service, which is available to all passengers in all classes, costs AED350 for up to seven pieces of luggage. As of now, it only operates in Dubai and caters to people flying Emirates out of Dubai International.

If you’re flying into Dubai, you can also skip the waiting with Emirates’ “Baggage Delivery” service, where your luggage is picked up, cleared through customs and delivered straight to your door. It also comes at a cost, though, with fees varying according to the final delivery point within the UAE.

Would you go for these services in your next Dubai trip?