Best Summer Activities to Do in Sydney

Staying local for the summer and not sure what to do? Worry not – Sydney has some of the best excursions to suit the warm weather. Here are a few of them…


If you’re used to commuting by car or via public transport, kayaking will allow you to enjoy the city in a different way. Have a relaxed paddle around the shoreline and absorb in the magnificent view – Sydney Harbour will never look the same again!


Zoo Trip

Summer is the best time to hop on a ferry and visit the Taronga Zoo. The Twilight at Taronga Concert Series provides the opportunity to bask in unparalleled views of the Sydney Harbour skyline at dusk and listen to today’s best musicians in the intimate venue of Taronga Zoo concert lawn.



Bring your loved ones for a night of the freshest indie films under the stars, for free! You can also attend the preceding events, such as the insightful TropTalks and Trop Jr featuring filmmakers under 16.


Lawn Bowling

It’s a perfect way all around to enjoy time together with family and friends – not too taxing, but still involves physical activities in the sun. Enjoy with a couple pint of beers and a board of antipasto!