Best Destinations for Digital Detox Retreat

Gadgets and the Internet have made our lives easier, but sometimes it can be hard to ‘disconnect’. While it improves productivity and expands opportunities for everyone, it can also serve as a distraction and even a source of stress and anxiety. Completely abandoning the digital life is impossible for many, but if you wish to unplug just for a bit, a digital detox holiday might be the solution. Here are a few destinations that can help you get away from apps and notifications…

Little River PurePod, New Zealand

purepods nz

Source: PurePods

Located less than an hour drive from Christchurch, the pod is surrounded by rich natural bush and beautiful flora and fauna. The glass cabins does not only have shower, toilet and a kitchen, but it also allows you to see 360-degree views of the nature and enjoy the starry sky at night – you get to have the best of both worlds! Check out the PurePod here.


Sal Salis Ningalo Reef, Western Australia

Source: Obi Oberhoizer / Sal Salis

This safari camp is located in the Cape Range National Park, with views of both the bush and the beach. During the day, you have the choice to explore the reef that houses over 500 species of fish and corals or enjoy a guided tour to the bush, where you can see unique Australian flora and fauna up and close. There is no cell reception or wi-fi – you get to fully enjoy the nature around you! Find out more here.


Selinda Explorers Camp, Botswana

Source: Jacada Travel

Want an authentic safari experience? This camp will let you stay at a luxury tent overlooking the Selinda Spillway. Guided walks and canoeing are also on the schedule, with regular wildlife spotting throughout the day. Power for battery charging is quite limited here – but without phones or laptops, you can truly savour the experience. Learn more here.