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Beauty and Skincare Travel Essentials

Compacting your beauty and skincare routine during travel can be a hassle – due to limited space and airport security requirements, not everything can be carried freely. Here are a few items that you should consider for your next travel kit…


Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Keep your breath fresh with travel-sized toothpaste and brush. You may never know when you’ll meet important people!


Makeup Remover Wipes

Sometimes you just get so tired going from one place to another, and can’t be bothered to wash your face. We understand the feeling – which is why we never go without a pack of mild yet effective wipes.


Face Sheet Mask

Pamper your skin en route to your destination with a moisturising sheet mask. The small, individual packs make it easy to travel with – no need to worry about leaks or getting caught by the airport security.



No matter where you go and what time of the year it is, bringing some SPF protection won’t hurt. If possible, aim for a minimum of SPF 50+ with broad-spectrum/UVA-UVB protection.


What’s your go-to travel essential?